10 Days of Code and Exercise

Ever the perfectionist, I used to clearly define yearly and quarterly life goals and measure everything out: doing so distressed and overwhelmed me.

For the past few months, I tried escaping this cycle of failure and burnout by eliminating all goals whatsoever.

Now, I feel I’m missing some purpose in life. I need a middle-ground between ambitious and directed goals and a total absence of structure.


Many people have accomplished a lot with #100DaysOfCode. Let’s try something similar.

100’s a big number. Let’s make it 10. If I like this, I can extend from 10 days to 25 to 50 to 100 to more. I might also expand to meditation or reading or writing or poker or other small bets.

Instead of overarching goals, or habit formation, let’s focus on quick wins. With consistency I’ll make sustainable gains over time (fun + valuable). Habit formation’s a byproduct.

Ground rules:

  • 1 Hour a Day: I’ll divide it however I want to, either coding or exercising. I can do more than an hour a day if I want. The system just sets a lower bound consistently.
  • If I miss a day, I can add another day to the end of the period. I cannot miss 2 days in a row, unless I get sick, or an emergency happens.
  • I have to document what I do on Twitter. Every day, I’ll send one tweet that summarizes what I did and counts the day. Optional reflection tweet as well.
  • Coding: Python/data science, JavaScript/software engineering, CSS/WebDev. For now, I’ll follow the Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp on Udemy by Pierian Data. Measured in time spent and in work accomplished.
  • Exercise: walking, running, bodyweight, or weightlifting. Anaerobic or aerobic, vigorous or not. Just something to absolve me of that sedentary lifestyle. I can measure this in time spent and exercise completed (# of steps or miles, reps, etc.).

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Writes about human progress at emerging scales. Tweets @WesleyRGarner

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Wesley Garner

Wesley Garner

Writes about human progress at emerging scales. Tweets @WesleyRGarner

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